Our Process

Bring your products to life

Kerr by Ingredion follows a systematic process to meet the needs and challenges of all our customers, ensuring the development of high-quality products. By following our proven process, we’re able to develop tailored formulations and create prototypes for evaluation, setting you up for a successful product launch.

Addressing your needs or challenges

This step begins by thoroughly understanding your requirements, needs, and challenges. After a series of comprehensive discussions with your team and ours, we’ll gather information about the desired product attributes and limitations you may face before coming up with a solution.


Based on the gathered information, the formulation stage begins. Kerr by Ingredion’s team works closely with you to develop a customized formulation that addresses your specific needs. This stage involves selecting and combining ingredients, while considering factors such as functionality, sensory attributes, nutritional benefits, and desired product claims. And, we’re able to tap into Ingredion’s resources and expertise to expand our capabilities.


Once the formulation is finalized, the next step is to make your product development dreams become a reality. Feedback and adjustments will be made during this stage to ensure the prototype aligns with your expectations.

Test & trial

At Kerr by Ingredion, our ingredients undergo a thorough evaluation conducted by our analytical and microbiological laboratory prior to their use in production. We prioritize the highest standards of quality and food safety, and our meticulous approach ensures that our practices consistently meet or surpass the latest requirements in food safety and manufacturing.

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Kerr by Ingredion is here to support you through the exciting journey of formulation. With our cutting-edge facilities, extensive fruit and vegetable ingredient portfolio, and deep industry knowledge, we can help you tackle your next culinary creation.

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