Formulated Systems & Blended Solutions

About our formulated systems & blended solutions

At Kerr by Ingredion, we understand the importance of creating unique and captivating flavor profiles for food and beverage products. Our team of experienced flavor experts works closely with you to develop tailored custom formulated systems and blended solutions to deliver memorable taste experiences. 

Kerr is your indispensable partner in fruit and vegetable formulation — helping you create exceptional products that stand out in the industry.

Customize flavors that make a statement

Kerr by Ingredion understands creating unique and captivating flavor profiles is essential for food and beverage products to stand out in the market. This is why we offer formulated systems and blended flavor solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Whether your goal is to round out your flavor profile with added natural flavors or to spice up your mix with dry ingredients, our experienced flavor experts work closely with you to develop the perfect blend.

The clean label promise

In today's health-conscious market, clean labels are no longer a trend but a necessity. Kerr by Ingredion prioritizes clean label practices in our formulations to help you meet consumer demands for transparency and wholesome products. With our clean label solutions, you can provide customers with the peace of mind and trust they seek when making purchasing decisions.

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Fast-track formulation

Time and efficiency are paramount in the food and beverage industry. Our ready-to-use custom formulations are designed to accelerate your product development process, reduce logistic and procurement costs, and save you valuable time and resources. Whether you need a specific fruit or vegetable ingredient or a complete formula tailored to your requirements, our team of experts will develop a ready-to-use solution that meets your exact specifications. With Kerr’s formulated systems and blended solutions, you can accelerate your product development and bring winning products to market faster.

Flavor fusion made simple

We offer a broad range of off-the-shelf blends carefully crafted to deliver exceptional taste and convenience. These pre-blended mixes combine complementary flavors and ingredients, streamlining the formulation process and saving you valuable time and energy. Whether you're looking for a specific flavor profile or a versatile blend suitable for multiple applications, our off-the-shelf portfolio provides you with premium options that are ready to use, ensuring consistent and delicious results.

For veggi-licious product development

As consumer interest in plant-based products continues to grow, Kerr by Ingredion recognizes the importance of helping customers incorporate vegetables into various food and beverage applications. We provide the ingredients you need to enhance the nutrition, flavor, and visual appeal of your products as well as to capture the essence of nature with winning end products.

Thinking bolder & beyond

Savory flavors are gaining popularity, captivating consumers who seek bold and unique taste experiences. With our expertise in savory formulation, we can help you create products that deliver a delightful umami taste and satisfy the growing demand for savory snacks, sauces, and so much more.

Rely on expertise at every step

When it comes to dreaming, innovating, and creating, Kerr by Ingredion is dedicated to making life better—for customers like you, our communities, and the world. Choosing Kerr means high-quality product development at every stage of the process, future-proofing your brand.

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