Jams & Spreads

Real-fruit jams & spreads

Kerr by Ingredion delivers formulated systems and blended solutions that will take your jams and spreads to the next level. We capture the essence of fruits and vegetables to help you formulate sweet or indulgent conserves that complement any meal or snack.

And there’s plenty of room for innovation in the traditional jams and spreads category as consumers are much more open to the idea of unique flavor combinations of vegetables and fruits.*

*Dips and Savory Spreads, Mintel U.S., 2023.

Spreading culinary inspiration

Jams and spreads are so versatile, consumers use them for almost everything:

  • Filling for pastries
  • Cakes
  • Cookies
  • Toast
  • Bagels and more

Simple & pure ingredients

For Kerr by Ingredion, thinking ahead means keeping it as simple and as pure as possible. As an ingredient solutions provider, it also means understanding why consumers love what they love. The simplicity of our fruit and vegetable ingredients allows consumers to enjoy the genuine flavor and color of your products.

Real fruit matters

When it comes to delivering winning jams and spreads, we start with nature’s best: wholesome fruits and vegetables. Together we can co-create artisanal quality, real-fruit products that can be savored all year round.

Rely on expertise at every step

When it comes to dreaming, innovating, and creating, Kerr by Ingredion is dedicated to making life better—for customers like you, our communities, and the world. Choosing Kerr means high-quality product development at every stage of the process, future-proofing your brand.

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