Making the most of our resources

At Kerr by Ingredion, we are proud of the progress we have made over the past year. We have expanded our efforts in sustainable and regenerative agriculture, working closely with our customers to lay a strong foundation for future work. By integrating regenerative practices, we are enhancing the health of ecosystems, promoting biodiversity, and supporting local communities.

The strategy behind our sourcing

Kerr by Ingredion has established strong partnerships with growers, suppliers, and packers whose commitment to sustainability and quality align with ours. By leveraging these partnerships, we’re able to guarantee consistent and reliable supply of the finest vegetable and fruit ingredients to create the exceptional products your customers will love.

Food safety: Our #1 priority

At Kerr, we leave no ingredient untested. Every ingredient undergoes rigorous scrutiny in our microbiological laboratory before being used in production. Additionally, all our programs are continuously updated to ensure we meet or exceed the latest safety practices.

Northeren Hemisphere Harvest Chart


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