Snacks & Baked Goods

Snacks & bakery: For any consumer craving 

Create the snacks and baked goods that rise to the top in consumers’ minds. Whether it’s by providing a natural flavor or delivering a novel healthy snack that consumers crave, Kerr by Ingredion can help you formulate the right fruit or vegetable blend for an on-trend snacking experience with ingredients for bakery applications. 

With consumer preferences continuing to evolve post-pandemic, Mintel* reveals that at-home cooking/eating fatigue is leading to 24% of consumers snacking more and 59% snacking about the same as a year ago.*

* Mintel, In-Store Bakery, U.S., 2023..

Bites of bliss

Provide real fruit content with Kerr by Ingredion in the following applications:

  • Breakfast & snack bars
  • Cereal bars
  • Cookies & biscuits
  • Muffins & cakes

Real fruit guaranteed

Real fruit makes life sweeter. With Kerr by Ingredion’s formulated systems and blended solutions, you can help consumers:

  • Reduce added sugar with vegetable juice concentrates
  • Create on-trend, delicious products they want to buy time and time again  
  • Decrease fat content without compromising on flavor using purees

Savor the flavor; skip the excess

Today’s consumer wants a culinary experience while achieving their lifestyle goals of healthier, low-sugar options. With Kerr, you can treat your customers to delectable reduced-sugar goodies.

Rely on expertise at every step

When it comes to dreaming, innovating, and creating, Kerr by Ingredion is dedicated to making life better—for customers like you, our communities, and the world. Choosing Kerr means high-quality product development at every stage of the process, future-proofing your brand.

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