Who We Serve

Serving food & beverage

Kerr by Ingredion continues to capture the essence of nature® with formulated systems and blended solutions that inspire the food and beverage industry. From the clean label market to vegan and whole food fruit and vegetable ingredients, we are here to deliver the solutions you need to achieve the perfect bite or sip in your final products.

Clean label & natural

Our formulated systems and blended solutions are at the forefront of the clean label demand. With our fruit and vegetable ingredients, we consistently deliver wholesome, nutritious, and consumer-preferred products that inspire trust and confidence among consumers.

Sugar reduction

With natural, wholesome fruit and vegetable ingredients, Kerr makes sugar reduction simple. Consumers can take one look at the label and know their products meet their lifestyle needs — all without compromising taste or texture.


Catering to the better-for-you market comes naturally to Kerr by Ingredion. Help consumers meet their health-conscious goals with products that are healthier, yet still provide desirable taste, with Kerr by Ingredion’s broad portfolio of better-for-you ingredients.


The vegan market continues to grow, with more and more consumers seeking unique culinary innovations. Kerr by Ingredion offers plant-based solutions that play a significant role in delivering the vegan options that consumers love.

Whole food

Whole foods are naturally rich in essential nutrients — and they’re associated with numerous health benefits. At Kerr, we provide the whole food solutions that consumers crave for an overall well-balanced diet.