Working Together

Formulated systems & blended solutions

When we innovate, we innovate boldly. We leverage our years of bench experience and proprietary market insights to create tailored solutions that take your business to the next level.

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Our Process

Kerr by Ingredion follows a systematic process to meet the needs and challenges of all our customers, ensuring the development of high-quality products. By following our proven process, we’re able to develop tailored formulations and create prototypes for evaluation, setting you up for a successful product launch.

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Product Development

When you collaborate with our team of experts, you’ll find we’re professional, responsive, and care about our customers. With the power of teamwork, fruits, and vegetables, we can help your food and beverage vision come to life.

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Research & Development

As part of Ingredion, we provide access to extended capabilities that help you be what’s next in nutrition, health, and wellness. With more than 27 locations worldwide, Ingredion Idea Labs® innovation centers bring consumer-preferred innovation to the forefront of our company’s capabilities.

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Prototypes & Ideas

At Kerr by Ingredion, we understand the importance of prototypes in the product development journey. Our skilled team of experts utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and techniques to create prototypes that accurately capture your vision. Whether you're developing a new snack, beverage, or culinary delight, our prototypes bring your ideas to life and give you a tangible example of your end product.

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